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An interesting group of testate amoebae is the genus Difflugia. There have been described hundreds of species, but the question is: how many of them are true species? Most descriptions are inaccurate of just based on one single test. Probably this group consists of several genera. Only DNA sequencing can help here. One of my projects is to make a visual map of all known species. It’s one of the most difficult taxa to identify. 

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Euglypha simplex

E. simplex, after Coûteaux et al., 1979) Euglypha simplex  Decloitre, 1965 Diagnosis: Shell ovoid, compressed in cross section, without spines. The apertural plates are lanceolate, consisting

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Chaos nobile

Chaos nobile, from Penard, 1902 Chaos nobile (Penard, 1902) Bovee & Jahn, 1973 Diagnosis: Usually polypodial. Nuclei about 6-49, usually biconvex. Crystalls mainly bipiramidal. No

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Chaos illinoisense

Chaos illinoisense, from Goodkov et al., 1999 Chaos illinoisense (Kudo, 1950) Bovee & Jahn, 1973 Diagnosis: Mostly polypodial, with several hundred spherical nuclei. Crystals mainly

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Chaos carolinense

Chaos carolinense, from Page, 1976 Chaos carolinense (Wilson, 1900) King & Jahn, 1948 Dimensions: Mostly polypodial, with more than thousand mainly biconvex nuclei. Crystals mainly

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Chaos glabrum

Chaos glabrum, from Smrinov and Goodkov, 1997 Chaos glabrum Smirnov and Goodkov, 1997 Diagnosis: Regularly orthotactic (monopodial-like with distinct lateral wrinkles) with bulbous uroid in

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Galeripora bathystoma

G. bathystoma, Galeripora bathystoma  (Deflandre, 1928) González-Miguéns et al., 2021 Basionym: Arcella bathystoma Deflandre, 1928 Diagnosis: Shell shaped like a bumpy hemispherical dome with slightly

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Galeripora Visual Key

Aperture usually surrounded by pores. Aperture diameter 0.45 of shell diameter. Shell diameter 70-160 µm. Galeripora discoides Aperture surrounded by pores. Aperture diameter ≥ 0.4

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Arcella corona

A. corona – from Van Oye, 1926 Arcella corona  Van Oye, 1926 Diagnosis: This species bears, at some distance from the mouth opening on the dome,

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Galeripora polypora

Galeripora polypora, after González-Miguéns et al., 2021 Galeripora polypora   (Penard, 1890) González-Miguéns et al., 2021 Basionym: Arcella polypora Penard, 1890 Diagnosis: Shell discoid, perfectly round,

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Arcella guadarramensis

A. guadarramensis – after González-Miguéns et al., 2021 Arcella guadarramensis González-Miguéns & Lara, 2021 Diagnosis: Color ranges from transparent to yellow-orange. Sub hemispherical test shape, with flattened

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