Order Centramoebida Tekle et al. 2016

Diagnosis: Flattened with prominent subpseudopodia, flexible and tapering to a fine tip and sometimes furcated near their base (acanthopodia), or with more distal, broader lobose furcated subpseudopodia, sometimes emerging from a hyaloplasm sheet; without adhesive uroid; flattened sheet without subpseudopodia; some sporocarpic and protosteloid; generally plasma membrane naked without surface scales or styles, although surface coats of varying organization occur in some taxa. Cytoplasmic MT architecture composed of complex network of long coiled or looped MT fibers. Actin microfilament in the form of uniform acanthopodial fibers or a crown of hyaloplasmic microfibers arranged in parallel in the leading region of pseudopodium.

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Argynnia dentistoma, 117 µm long – Tirol, Austria Genus Argynnia Vucetich, 1974 Diagnosis: Shell compressed, aperture surrounded by siliceous plates, giving it a rough outline.

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Family Vexilliferidae Page, 1987 Diagnosis: Amoebae with long, slender subpseudopodia (usually more than one) frequently giving a spiny appearance to the cell. Subpseudopodia from hyaline

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Tracheleuglypha dentata

Tracheleuglypha dentata, Ecuador (l) and the Netherlands (r) Tracheleuglypha dentata (Vejdovsky, 1882) Diagnosis: test clear, elliptical, round in cross-section; with circular, overlapping scales; no spines

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