Genus Raphidocystis Penard, 1904 emend. Nicholls and Dürrschmidt, 1985

Diagnosis: Centroheliozoa with a periplast comprising three types of scales: straight tubular or trumpet-like radial scales, smaller funnel-shaped radial scales, and tangential, elliptical plate-scales. The plate scales have a broad, hollow marginal rim, a smooth or reticular central area, and a well developed or vestigial medial rib as in Polyplacocystis.
References: Mikrjukov (1996b), Nicholls and Dürrschmidt (1985).
Type species: Raphidocystis lemani (Penard, 1891) Penard, 1904.

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Family Vexilliferidae Page, 1987 Diagnosis: Amoebae with long, slender subpseudopodia (usually more than one) frequently giving a spiny appearance to the cell. Subpseudopodia from hyaline

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Tracheleuglypha dentata

Tracheleuglypha dentata, Ecuador (l) and the Netherlands (r) Tracheleuglypha dentata (Vejdovsky, 1882) Diagnosis: test clear, elliptical, round in cross-section; with circular, overlapping scales; no spines

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Sphenoderia sphaerica

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