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Genus Lamtopyxis Bonnet, 1974 Diagnosis: In dorsal and lateral view like Cyclopyxis puteus but external opening with 3 to 5 teeth. At its base the apertural

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Hyalosphenia elegans Genus Hyalosphenia (Stein, 1857) Schulze 1877 Diagnosis: Test rounded, ovoid or elongated elliptical or flask shaped, laterally compressed, aperture variable from linear to

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Pseudothecamoeba vesiculata, monopodial locomotion, 250 µm. Genus Pseudothecamoeba Page, 1976 Diagnosis: amoeba a much flattened cylinder, monopodial or branching, usually with an anterior hyaline cap; length-breadth

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Paraflabellula spec. – Kootwijk Genus Paraflabellula Page & Willumsen, 1983 Diagnosis: Locomotive form usually between 8 and 45 µm, flattened, fan-shaped to elongate with an extensive

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Family Flabellulidae Bovee, 1970 Flattened amoebae with extensive anterior hyaline zones, with or without subpseudopodia. Often with posterior trailing uroidal filaments. 1 Anterior hyaline with

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Chaos spec., c. 350 µm, 8 nuclei – Crailoo, The Netherlands Genus Chaos Linneaus, 1767 Diagnosis: locomotive amoebae usually polypodial, like a dead tree with

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