Subclass Placoperla Cavalier-Smith, 2012

Diagnosis: Imbricate cercozoa that secrete a test of mineralized spherical perles or silicified plate scales that are typically double tiered with a perforate upper tier.
Includes superorders Perlatia and Placofila.

Order Perlofilida Cavalier-Smith, 2012

Diagnosis: Near spherical heterotrophic and phagotrophic non-flagellate protists with uniformly extremely thin but stiff, symmetrically radiating, unbranched filopodia (unlike Cristidiscoidea), lacking a microtubule axoneme and lacking extrusomes; unlike in Cristidiscoidea, cell surface covered with one or more layers of spherical siliceous perles bounded by a wall with numerous uniformly sized but irregular-shaped small holes.
Centrosomes and interphase microtubules absent, unlike Heliozoa; mitochondrial cristae flat; numerous Golgi dictyosomes closely surround the eccentric nucleus; thin ectoplasm without a dense layer underlying the plasma membrane, unlike Apusozoa; microbodies associated with lipid drops and mitochondria.

Pinaciophora fluviatilis, pores visible – fountain of the Royal Palace het Loo, the Netherlands
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Family Vexilliferidae Page, 1987 Diagnosis: Amoebae with long, slender subpseudopodia (usually more than one) frequently giving a spiny appearance to the cell. Subpseudopodia from hyaline

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Tracheleuglypha dentata

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Sphenoderia sphaerica

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