Class Variosea Cavalier-Smith, 2004 emend. Smirnov, 2011

Aerobic ciliated amoebae with conical microtubular cytoskeleton and only temporary pointed pseudopodia or non-ciliated amoebae with long, tapering, usually pointed, often branched subspseudopodia.

  1. Order Holomastigida Lauterborn, 1895
    • Family Multiciliidae Poche, 1913 (Multicilia)
    • Family Artodiscidae Cavalier-Smith, 2013 (ArtodiscusTetracilia)
  2. Order Phalansteriida Hibberd, 1983 em.
    • Family Phalansteriidae Saville Kent, 1880–1881 (Phalansterium)
    • Family Dictyamoebidae Cavalier-Smith, 2016 (Dictyamoeba)
    • Family Arboramoebidae Cavalier-Smith, 2016 (Arboramoeba)
    • Family Schizoplasmodiidae Cavalier-Smith, 2013 (Schizoplasmodium)
    • Family Rhizomonadidae Cavalier-Smith, 2013 (Rhizomonas)
    • Family Rigidomastigidae Cavalier-Smith, 2013 (Rigidimastix)
    • Family Trichonemidae Cavalier-Smith, 2016
      (Trichonemum, Mitophora, Nematostelium, Ceratiomyxella)
  3. Order Varipodida Cavalier-Smith, 2004
  4. Order Protostelida Olive, 1967 ex Olive and Stoianovitch, 1966 em.
    • Family Protosteliidae Olive, 1962 em. (Protostelium)
    • Family Soliformovidae Cavalier-Smith, 2013 em. (Soliformovum, Grellamoeba)
    • Family Acramoebidae Smirnov et al., 2008 (AcramoebaPlanoprotostelium)
  5. Order Ramamoebida Cavalier-Smith, 2016
    • Family Cavosteliidae Olive, 1964 em. Cavalier-Smith, 2013 (Cavostelium)
    • Family Angulamoebidae Cavalier-Smith, 2016 (Angulamoeba)
    • Family Ischnamoebidae Cavalier-Smith, 2016
      (Ischnamoeba, DarbyshirellaSchizoplasmodiopsis, Tychosporium)
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Argynnia dentistoma, 117 µm long – Tirol, Austria Genus Argynnia Vucetich, 1974 Diagnosis: Shell compressed, aperture surrounded by siliceous plates, giving it a rough outline.

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